They Have To Say Goobye To Their Baby Girl.. But What The Dogs Did Will Break Your Heart More..

The Dogs Never Left My Baby’s Side, Infant’s Mother Reveals

John and Mary Hall welcomed their first child Nora Hall. As fate would have it, their little girl fell sick and spent the first six weeks of her life in hospital. Nora suffered a massive stroke which caused brain damage and led to her death on May 2nd. She was only five months.

During Nora’s recovery, the basset hounds never left the infant’s side. Gracie and Grumpy loved little Nora and spent a lot of time with her. Nora’s mother, Mary, says the child was always happy. A closer look at her photos reveals she was always smiling. Mary says the presence of the hounds calmed the baby and made her happy.

Who knew dogs could display emotions such as sadness? Probably, that makes them loyal and a man’s best friend. We send our sincere condolences to Mary and John for losing their baby girl.

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